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If you've been around for a while in the internet marketing world or publish content to a website, sure you've noticed the importance of original content. Duplicate article will not rank as well as unique articles in search engine so we need to ensure we are providing our sites using original and unique content as much as possible.
You have used other plagiarism checker tools and not happy about how it works and how it displays the results, try PlagiarismsChecker you will be satisfied. Your order is 100% risk free with our 60 Days Money Back Guarantee policy.
PlagiarismsChecker is the leading plagiarism checker on the market. Check the content you buy from writers to ensure it is unique and to avoid duplication. Locate stolen duplicates of your content on the internet.

Who Benefit From This Plagiarism Checker

If you outsource your article from some writers and want to check whether the article is original,
If you are a website owner and want to check if someone copied your content,
Or if you are an internet marketer this plagiarism detector software is a great tool to learn other marketing techniques, you will see how it excites you,
If you are a writer and want to check your article is unique,
Or anyone want to check if their content existed in Google search result this advanced Google plagiarism checker is perfect choice.
PlagiarismsChecker is a much have tool for all website owners and marketers.

How Plagiarisms Checker Works

This is a Google search results based plagiarism checker. PlagiarismsChecker uses a wise method that intelligently split the input textual content into smaller fragments (you can partly control the size of these fragments use the min and max search query word count setting).
These fragments will then be checked if they exist in the database of the search engine. The result will display with visual color and the number of occurrences from search engine for each fragment. Blue means not found any duplication, while red indicates the text has been used somewhere on the internet.
The fragments are underlined and clickable. When you click on the underlined fragment, it will open google search results page for this underlined text with quote in your default browser.
The software interface has been optimized and simple to use, just paste the article and click the check button. The use of multi-threading techniques makes the software run very fast.
Changing the minimum number of words in the queries setting helps you ignore the fragments too small. Changing the maximum number of words in queries setting you can check the smaller parts in the text.
You can select any text (in the source text box, in the result text box or in compare text box, the first 32 selected words will be used) to count the number of occurrences from search engine or open the search results in the default web browser (with or without quote) just by click one button.
Compare between the Source Article and Compare Article. Visual result is using the font color or highlight, or a combination of both. The different colors used for the font color based on the number of words in fragments. Comparison results are clickable, which you can click to go to matched text in Source Article. "Exchange To Source Article" contextual menu for Compare text box which sometimes you will want to use.
Plagiarisms Checker supports Windows XP and newer Windows versions including Windows Vista, Windows 7,..., show word count for input article, using proxy list supported, compatible with most screen resolution.
Note that because all queries are sent directly from your computer using your IP, so you can not check more than ~ 10x500 word articles, or ~ 5x1000 word article, or ~ 5000 words in total (sometimes less) per hour without change your IP address. You can change your IP address by restart modem if you use a dynamic IP internet connection, or using a proxy list to put into proxy list text box, without this you have to wait about one hour for the limit to be reset.
Update: Starting in 2015 your IP will be detected very quickly, so if you want to check some small articles, then you should combine your articles into one big article and run check once.
2016 Update: Proxy harvesting and checking function have been added, so that you can use in case you do not want to reset the modem and also do not want to buy proxies, the program can run at ~1000 threads when check proxy. Build-in proxy sites list ready for use, you can add your own if you want.
Even so if you use a fixed IP address and do not want to use proxy list you can still check about 80x500 word articles per 8 work hours! I believe there will be little user will use out of this limit. However, please consider this limitation when decide to purchasing this software.


To use this software Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required, please try downloading and setup this framework before you purchase:
When installing the framework successfully, the remaining work to use this software is very simple!

In case you are using an old version of windows XP and it is not a Service Pack 3, you need to update your Windows to Windows XP Service Pack 3 first before you set up .NET Framework 4:

60-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 days money back guarantee. You have 60 days to try the application's functions. If for any reason the program does not perform the features as described, just let us know, and we will refund your last payment.

While in the payment process, please ensure the e-mail address you enter is accurate. Link for download software will be delivered immediately to your e-mail as soon as payment is successful.

Quarterly License:
Instant Access to PlagiarismsChecker software. $17 / Quarterly (recurring charge) until you cancel.
You can cancel quickly & easily at any time.


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Quarterly License:
Instant Access to PlagiarismsChecker software. $17 / Quarterly (recurring charge) until you cancel.
You can cancel quickly & easily at any time.

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